How can I protect my valuable 4k/6k/8k shoots, and my legacy as an artist?

Automated workflow with Cinema Station™ makes it easy!

Replace dozens of single USB drives with a portable secure copy system designed for professional DV

Cinema Station™
  • Developed with reliable yet portable network servers from Synology™, with media from Seagate, the leader in data storage for creative pros
  • Fast offload to SSD with checksum confirmation on 3 copies
  • Automated backup to 2 media types, as required by major distribution
  • Detachable drive for delivery to post - encrypted in real-time
  • Immediate near-set editing with suites like Davinci Resolve, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere
  • Start with a couple of hours of 4K, expand to hundreds of hours

How to improve your workflow?

No need to change a workflow that works. Connect the camera media reader to the laptop, then plug in Cinema Station™ with an Ethernet cable. No need for a collection of single USB drives: all copies are managed for safety, from first generation to archive.

Cinema Station™ uses proven Shotput Pro® technology to automate the process end-to-end: from capture to offload, edit, deliver. Don’t guess about copy integrity: see PDF reports to confirm all copies are good, with thumbnails and metadata. Then free your camera card and continue your artwork.